A content-focused music platform for early-stage musicians to help them tell their story and build recognition


July, 22 to
November, 22

Team Members

Shivansh Rana
Robert Rinaldi
Mahdi Mohseni

My Responsibilities

Architect and Interaction Designer for Onboarding Process


Puddleshaker was previously a tool for podcast creators to make storytelling experience more accessible and near effortless for anyone.

Product Pivot

Our team at Puddleshaker saw an opportunity to pivot this product into a tool for budding new musicians to help them build their presence. The previous platform failed to find its place in the market as users were unwilling to migrate to a new platform.

Problem Statement

Early stage artist and content focused musicians need to build an audience to sustain their career but they have difficulty recognizing the significance of who they are and what their story is.

  • Dependable/ sustainable source of income
  • Gain recognition for their art/talent/abilities
Challenges/ Difficulties
  • Struggles with time management
  • Lacks knowledge on how to get started as a creator
  • Juggles work life, personal life and passion
  • Lack of an established content workflow
  • Lack of motivation.
Design Studio - Discovery Phase

Musical artists are interested in a new platform that helps them to deliver other forms of content accompanying their music to engage with new fans and to open up additional revenue opportunities.

Artist Journey Map

One of our first goals was to create an experience to onboard the target users through a personalized onboarding process to help connect content creators to their specific content consumers/audiences.

Design Principles
Artist UX Story
Complete User Flow

This was one of the first iterations on the complete user flow. The user flow kept updating as the project evolves.

Refined - Onboarding User Flow

After multiple iterations we arrived at our 'refined' userflow which caters to our design principles.

Artists Onboarding Task Flow -
Personalized Song Page

We realized that new artists are yet to develop their identity, and with their music, they want to narrate a unique story. So we hypothesized that each song deserves an identity that resonates with the story.

A frustrating and time-consuming experience
Upon doing some usability research, we learned that users were feeling frustrated and it took them a long time (~7 mins) to add all the information required.

Proposed Solution

Leverage enabling technologies (AI) to help reduce the cognitive effort required by the user to fill the input field by pre-populating the input by understanding the song’s anatomy through artificial intelligence, which is also very reassuring for a new artist to feel validated.

Low-Fidelity Prototype - Iteration 1

We designed a personalized experience and created themes based on the distinct metrics that our AI platform collected from the uploaded song

Low-Fidelity Prototype - Final
Final Homepage Design