Who am I?
An endless film camera reel!
Whenever someone asks me this question, I like to say I'm an endless film camera reel, always recording the world around me. Everything I see, hear, go through, and experience leaves its mark on who I am.

This rich reservoir of observations and experiences enables me to understand people and a diverse perspective and knowledge provides a rich foundation for creative problem-solving.
What do I believe in?
Meeting people where they are.
Empathy fuels connection. Listening to someone and making them feel heard is a practice that could yield deeper connections with people and meaningful communication.
Whether it be a professional conflict handling or a friend talking about something they love, following the above qualities enables us to be better colleagues, friends, and family members.
Continuous and collaborative learning.
Learning is a continuous journey. One learns something every day, and there is no end to this. This journey should be facilitated by routine opportunities to grow and develop to ensure efficient learning.

Learning collaboratively encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas. It enables a rich and collective knowledge pool, often leading to creative problem-solving and breakthrough innovations.

In a constantly changing landscape, it fosters personal and professional growth, enhances adaptability, and drives innovation. Teams benefit from a more knowledgeable and agile workforce, where employees can quickly adapt to emerging challenges and contribute innovative solutions.

Ultimately, it is a catalyst for societal progress and competitiveness.
My Design Process
A harmonious fusion of the Double Diamond and IBM’s Loop methodology, offering a holistic and valuable approach to problem solving. It's a dynamic process where teams gather diverse insights, reflect, and iteratively refine our ideas, ultimately delivering more effective and user-centric solutions while remaining agile and responsive to evolving needs.
This blend allows us to understand the present while envisioning the future through a continuous cycle of learning and adapting.
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