Design Challenge

How might we empower young Canadians to use the mental health services available through their workplace benefits plan?

Create an empathetic, inclusive solution that helps young Canadians open-up about their mental health needs. It should connect them with treatment options and services and empower them to take care of their mental health.


One-day Hackathon/
Design Jam,
November 11, 22

Team Members

Krishna Khatri
Madelaine Armstrong
Shivansh Rana

My Responsibilities

Team Lead &
The storyteller

Key Insights

Mental health is complex, nuanced, and deeply personal people need to see the value in any service before sharing their data.

Ensure users can define their privacy thresholds; people should feel they control their data.

People expect higher-touch service when it comes to mental health; they expect that investment from themselves and the service provider will be needed to deliver meaningful results

  • Poor mental health literacy
  • Social norms
  • Hyberbolic discounting bias
  • Social stigma and embarassment
  • Optimism bias
Our Hypothesis

Young Canadians recognize that they are facing mental health challenges but are unsure about the value that pursuing mental wellness will bring into their lives and need external motivation to persuade them to explore the services that are available for help.

Initial Focus
And that's how we arrived at our

Problem Statement

Young Canadian Workers aged 18 to 34 who face mental health challenges need a better understanding of the availability, necessity, and value of mental health benefits that exist to help them because lack of knowledge hinders them from getting the help they need.

Ideas after
Design Studio
  • Anonymous mental health assessments
  • Email Campaigns
  • Frequent chick-ins
  • Serving visually appealing information

Proposed Solution

A social media campaign about helping young Canadians to provide a safe space to freely open up and seek help.